aka hard problems worth doing and low hanging fruit.

viewable mixin (like document radio)


See also The_web_is_your_wiki.html.

Need a name for webpage that is SAVEABLE and which reawakens with code will working!!! (Zombie pages... or it's about avoiding zombie page content that doesn't awake ?!)

NEXT STEPS * interface to rename index.html (don't clobber the automatic document)... * PULL IN the apache generated index as a DATA SOURCE !?!!? * When saving, give option to save as... AND (the exciting part) place a element back to the previous copy as a SOURCE, allowing for a PULL later to merge.

Documents as data

In the context of writing an extensible index.html, it has clicked that:

RATHER than writing (yet again) a custom "pure data source" of a directory listing (ie that produces a pristing JSON file via python/cgi/etc.)

THE PROBLEM CAN BETTER BE SEEN as how to read the apache (or whatever server) generated listing of a directory and to incoporate this (directly) as a data source to join with. So the saveable version becomes a "fork" of the auto generated one -- but which remembers the link to the source.

Lifecycle of a web page

the fact that pages change (as data is pulled in for instance) -- but can still be durable by saving as HTML (or other document formats ... SVG !!?)

d3 and...

JOINABLE documents

Tagradio / player

Create a proper player for something like tagradio ... for playing a feed with different sources... http://automatist.org/tagradio.php


Visual interfaces to GIT!

Document diffing / merge support