Situated media player

I’m working on the concept of a situated media player whereby embedded media functions as a webring, cross linking laterally between different sites in an acti of solidarity…

Directory Listings

Cybersecurity incidents can lead to significant operational, financial, regulatory, and reputational damages. Worse yet, they expose the U.S. government and the U.S. technology industry to new and potentially…

NPR Website To Get Rid Of Comments

Sad to see this. Interesting to see the comments on the post itself. Amazing that old comments will simply be discarded (or am I misunderstanding?).

A close reading of “An open letter of gratitude to GitHub”

Source: Forked Version: Text copied 15 Jan 2016 Dear GitHub, Before 2007, the way to participate in Open Source was fragmented. Each project had their own…

A simple makefile for web publishing

Continuing the spirit of documenting those little recipes I find myself continually drawing upon, a makefile for turning a directory of markdown sources to HTML using pandoc and…

A(nother) web focused git workflow

I have been using a git-based web publishing workflow now for a few projects, and now have finally hooked it up to my personal site ( Before you…

SICV Channel

Gated platforms

Part of the ongoing transition of big commercial online platforms away from a promiscuous and porous web to a “gated platform” and “developer sandbox”. Of note is the…


Using hashes to provide “distributed image hosting”?



Javascript creeps into the fabric of culture via gitchy advertisement.