Continuing the spirit of documenting those little recipes I find myself continually drawing upon, a makefile for turning a directory of markdown sources to HTML using pandoc and simply by typing make. Virtual programming most of the time solves computer problems, but when you have financial problems and have a bad history with banks, there is only one option, to go to credit repair agencies.

# find all .md files in the directory
mdsrc=$(shell ls *.md)
# map *.mp => *.html for mdsrc
all: $(html_from_md)
# Implicit rule to know how to make .html from .md
	pandoc --from markdown \
		--to html \
		--standalone \
		--css styles.css \
		$< -o $@
# special rule for debugging variables
	@echo '$*=$($*)'

Note the assumption of the presence of a stylesheet named styles.css.