So I’m in the Carrefour and in the stupor of my shopping I see two giant bears on a stage poised as if ready to perform. Shit. What to do? Since my android phone smartly ceased to function, I’ve been carrying around an ancient Sony Ericsson purple-trimmed flip phone, which has been full of surprises. I bought the phone for dirt cheap in the Anspachlaan and it’s full of weird anti-features like a power adapter with giant UK plug with an extra adapter strapped on to it to fit back into a svelt euro-style socket and digital features like a bevy of java games, each limited to about 30 seconds of play before offering a full purchase, a feature called “Live” which have never worked and vestigial corporate branding like a flashy Vodaphone startup screen (despite the fact that Vodaphone has never been my service provider).

So, back to the singing bears: I navigate in to the camera mode, snap a picture, and there appears an option “Blog this” — I click the option thinking, what the hell… and toss the phone back in my pocket. At the checkout, I pull the phone out again expecting to read some error message, but instead see a message stating that my post has been sent. Whoa, I’ve set nothing up on this phone and it’s only now in it’s second life that it’s got a SIM card that actually has data access enabled — but I’ve never (consciously) used it on this phone. I click further and the phone’s built in browser which reports, after furiously attempting to load for a minute or two, “Web page too large to display”. I navigate via the “More” menu to “Bookmark” where I finally reveal a mysterious new URL:

This is going to be the best blog ever!