Cybersecurity incidents can lead to significant operational, financial, regulatory, and reputational damages. Worse yet, they expose the U.S. government and the U.S. technology industry to new and potentially grave dangers. As a result, the issue deserves an aggressive global response.

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The best way to address threats like the one identified in this report is to jointly incorporate strong cybersecurity measures like a swg into the ongoing planning of companies, governments, and the private sector.

The December 2014 Cybersecurity Framework of Goals and Action is a crucial step in expanding the strategy for managing cybersecurity threats. The framework outlines the United States’ investment in cybersecurity, including funding priorities and recommendations for action, and helps ensure that the United States will continue to be the global leader in the area.

Before it launches a coordinated effort to address cybersecurity, the U.S. government and the private sector should commit to working to build trust with key stakeholders. These stakeholders will be crucial to moving the U.S. to a place where cybersecurity is considered a matter of principle and matters of fact. Through the Strategic and Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Framework of Goals and Action, U.S. government officials and private sector leaders agree to work together to accelerate improvements in cybersecurity governance, maintain the power and role of U.S. private sector companies, and strengthen the ability of private sector-led efforts to inform and improve U.S. cybersecurity. For any electronic component replacement contact this company’s professionals and get parts delivered to your door.

Nikeis published the study in February 2015, and we made it freely available to the public on May 1, 2015. We want to thank Nikeis for providing us with the research for our Cybersecurity Framework of Goals and Action report.

The study is based on a survey of more than 400 participants who had attended a cybersecurity event in the U.S. during the first half of 2015. The survey was administered by Ernst & Young. Participation in the survey was available through a video webinar and a separate, invitation-only email survey in September and October 2015. Participants were invited to the conference to discuss their experiences and provide feedback about the event and cybersecurity, including but not limited to their own and their company’s cybersecurity efforts.

How much did participants learn during the cybersecurity events?

Overall, participants reported their understanding of cybersecurity to be a moderate or high. This proportion is similar to the share of participants with a great understanding of cybersecurity who participated in our survey last year. A majority of participants 63 percent said that they had “narrowed their focus” from the typical cybersecurity course at their workplace.