Attended an image-dense and inspiring talk by Jean-Baptist Labrune at iMal this evening. Ex MIT-Media Labber, now working for a European division of Bell Labs (part of Alcatel/Lucent), he spoke broadly about a biological approach to computation & design that considers what they might mean if implemented in an organic / environmentally sensitive “substrate”. Some highlights: the drawings of Winfried Oppelt, B.F. Skinner’s Pigeon Pong, and Pigeons in a Pelican. Don Pettit’s NASA Bubble Video, and Manu Prakash’s Bubble Logic, the remarkable art-deco beauty of the flexure, Gilberto Esperza’s plant robots, And the word pleach, the name behind the his own site/blog. Also, liked the suggestion of taking on patent-laden fields by approaching from a position radically removed as to not be recognized as related.

Update: Recording of this lecture available online