Today I uploaded a clip of Michael Moss from Constant’s Verbindingen/Jonctions conference (VJ12 for short) to a personal YouTube account. This was initially to have a technical comparison clip to test some javascript I writing for the Active Archives project, but made me realize that I hadn’t uploaded any clips in a while and wanted to jot some notes down on the process. This clip has been heavily annotated as part of the Active Archives project.

After uploading and transcoding the video, the public interface informed me that the video had been removed due to it’s length being too long. Eventually (after some searching) I was able to “authorize” my account by giving Google my Mobile phone number and then typing back a code texted to me. Then I was able to (first delete and) then reupload the video.

Viewing the public page, I noticed that the category of the clip read “Pets & Animals” (a curious default). On editing the “info” of the clip, I note that the category must be set from a pre-defined (and apparently fixed) selection of 15. I choose “Education”. In total, youtube allows the inclusion of a description (free text), a category, tags, and a license.

While you can include URLs that become linkable, it does not seem possible to make hypertextual links (ie making the name “Michael Moss” a link to his homepage). Adding the HTML markup (an anchor tag) to do this, I receive the rather cryptic message that “Some of your edits were not saved, check your description”).

Having also filled in the tags: “Digital Archiving, Constant VZW, VJ12, Verbindingen/Jonctions”, I notice that the first “related video” link shown to the side of the video is Webinar: Integrating Fedora with DuraCloud.

Using the embed feature, I notice that there is now an option to not show suggested related videos at the end of playing (though by default this is on). Also, several options are included to provide “privacy” for viewers, including a link from a separate youtube URL that would seem not to use cookies (

Embedded OGG from constant’s server using the HTML5 video tag:

YouTube Embed:

YouTube provides a number of “contextualizing” features that the default video tag embed lacks, including displaying the video’s title. However the “paused” video version of this information includes a “by line” (by “automatist2”) incorrectly asserts some sort of authorship related to me, or my youtube account. There is no way of editing the name of the “author” to one other than one’s own account, or to choose not to display this information.

Viewing the clip in the embed and cueing to the end to reveal the suggested clips, I see that “VJ12” seems to have other associations in YouTube