, goes online today. Working with Femke Snelting, this website is a production of the VTI (Flemish Institute for the Performing Arts) and combines a wealth of transcribed interviews and archival material from both the VTI and external sources in a dynamic timeline interface.

The project makes extensive use of linked data tools such as RDF and SPARQL, and is built upon free software projects d3.js (and the force layout module in particular), and Jeni Tennison’s wonderful rdfquery Javascript library (jquery for rdf!). I am working on releasing the connecting code (which I call rdfgraph) as a proper jquery plugin. The editor’s back end is Semantic Mediawiki, and can be viewed here. The site is mostly in Dutch, but does contain English-language interviews (try searching for “Meg Stuart”).

The website launch took place at the opening of the Toneelstof exhibition, now on display in Antwerp as part of the Het Theaterfestival 2012.