There are primarily two kinds of web hosting solutions. One is free service and the other is premium paid service. However, premium paid web hosting could be more or less expensive depending on the premium paid service, since there are some great services that offer managed dedicated server which work better with some businesses. There are various types of web hosting service and the most popular type of web hosting is Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Here is our best web hosting solutions roundup, which includes free, online and premium Web Hosting.

Free web hosting sites

Get online free

We are posting free web hosting sites every week. Here are a few of our most popular free web hosting sites you can then edit with pros from the SEO in Australia firm.

Free websites

Web Hosting Directory

An open-source project that has millions of web hosts. You can find every major hosting company there and can compare their prices. You can also bookmark the above mentioned web hosting services and simply access them from anywhere online.

This is a free web hosting directory. You can find all kinds of hosting companies in one site. You can choose your hosting providers like hostgator, or even the option of choosing your own. There are a total of 2.00GB of free hosting space on which is huge for both home and business users.

Lovable websites

They have been getting a lot of attention lately for being the top SEO resource. They have one of the most optimized and fully featured web pages on the web. There are 10,000 free templates which are provided by some of the best web design and web development companies. In addition, they have an open online membership system. You should read at Freshlinks website to get an idea of the importance of  search engine optimization on your website.


SkyPowered is a freemium web hosting site. It offers a wide range of hosting packages for you to choose. Here are the details that you can read on their home page.

This is a great free hosting site. However, it has a lot of limitations like not allowing images/external links. This is where you need to get a pay site. However, you can get one of the paid website hosting by doing some creative research and reading the fine print.


Kanaka is an open source software for web hosting and a free website host. This is where you will find the page hosting and PHP development as well as analytics. The most popular feature of this web hosting site is the 8GB of free space.


LightSpring is a free and open source web hosting company. They are also considered as an alternative to hosting companies that charge a lot for bandwidth usage. They have one of the largest hostings package range available for you to choose from.


Casegard is another great hosting provider. It offers 10GB of free space for your website.


Hostgator is another great option for anyone who has a simple website or web application. It is a highly reviewed site that has millions of members. It has 1,000’s of features and customizer’s available. They offer free SSL certificates and custom web hosting packages to their members.